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MOMLETA® Diastasis Repair

4-week intensive workshop to repair diastasis recti and get rid of post pregnancy belly.

Our Diastasis Repair (DR) program is a 4-week in-person intensive workshop that helps you to alleviate back pain, strengthen your core muscles, and repair diastasis recti. Diastasis recti pregnancy abdominal separation develops when the connective tissue (linea alba) between the right and left rectus abdominis separates during late pregnancy. Symptoms of abdominal muscle separation during pregnancy or after delivery may include a pregnancy belly look, a weak pelvic floor, your internal organs to be unsupported, back pain, and tight hamstrings. Our Diastasis Repair Workshops are taught by our licensed & certified Instructors who will help with preparing for diastasis recti during pregnancy, prepare you for movement and exercise after delivery, and also provide you with treatment to repair any rectus diastasis after pregnancy.

Preventing reoccurrence or limiting severity of abdominal wall separation is certainly possible with subsequent pregnancies, using our tools and guidance for post pregnancy repair and stabilization.

Still pregnant? Prepare for your recovery mentally and physically by signing up for our birth recovery programs to come get ready to come back to our mommy and me classes.






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