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Keeping Your Goals - You CAN Do It!

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Winter WILL end - and fairly soon -  and that means only the most determined of those New Year’s Resolutions and goals are still living on. Why is it that we don’t stick with our resolutions or goals? It isn’t that we don’t want to achieve them. It’s not that we believe we cannot achieve them. It’s that setting a blanket goal for the entire year is simply too broad and too easily to lose sight of. 

So how do we keep our goals and our resolutions?

Make your goals measurable and set timelines along the way. Setting one goal per year without mini-goals along the way makes it too easy to put off until December. So, if a year is your overall timeline to achieve your goal, set smaller timelines and mini-goals along the way. Set check-in goals every month or every quarter. This way you can achieve your milestones, feel like you are making progress, and stay on track!

Make your goals visible and let the people around you know about them. Post your goals on your mirror, on your fridge, or even on your car’s glove box - somewhere you will see them every single day. When you see your goals each and every day, you are reminded of what you want to achieve. Better yet, put a picture up that reminds you of your goals. This visual image will compel you to keep going towards what you want to achieve. Tell everyone around you about your goals. Do this for two reasons; first, so you can have the support of your family and friends; second, so others know what your goals are. You are a lot less likely to let down other people than you are to let yourself down. The feeling you get when you do achieve your goals will be even better when you can celebrate with all the people that cheered for you along the way!

Remember YOUR “why.” When you start to feel yourself slipping from your goals, think back to why you started. What made you want to have this goal in the first place? What will you feel when you achieve it? How do you feel when you think of achieving your goal? It can be hard to remember why we started on our journey. Whether it is to feel healthier, inspire our children, or fit into your pre-pregnancy jeans, remind yourself why you are doing what you are doing. Goals and resolutions can be daunting and scary but with the right tools they can be exciting and fulfilling. Set yourself up for success and don’t let yourself give up on what you want to achieve! This is your goal and you will achieve it! Do it, breathe it, and believe it!



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