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MOMLETA Brand Ambassador Spotlight - Brittany Rein

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Friday, October 1, 2021

Introducing MOMLETA Walnut Creek  Brand Ambassador, Brittany Rein

Q: Where do you live and where are you a Momleta Member?
A: I live in and attend Momleta classes in Walnut Creek, California. I am a new brand ambassador this year and I have been working out with Momleta Walnut Creek Owner, Sandy for a little over 3 years.

Q: How many children do you have?

A: I have 2 children - 4 year old girl and a 10 month old boy.

Q: Do you work outside the home, from home, SAHM (stay at home mom)?
A: I am a stay at home mom and a Beautycounter consultant. I also work on political campaigns during campaign season.
Q: What's your favorite thing about Momleta?
A: I love the community of moms. I love that I can get an awesome workout but also that I get to socialize with other moms. My daughter also has a great group of friends that we met through Momleta classes. I feel so lucky to have met these awesome families.
Q: What's your favorite exercise?
A: I love cherry pickers and deadlifts (OOOOOH, those leg exercises!)
Q: What's your least favorite exercise?
A: Running!
Q: Why are you a Momleta Brand Ambassador? What inspires you the most about Momleta?
A: I feel SO lucky to have found this community. Sandy is such an awesome trainer - she cares about every member and their families and really wants to help everyone achieve their fitness goals. She pushes you to work harder but in the nicest way possible. :) I worked out with Sandy throughout my second pregnancy and had such an easy recovery after having my baby. Sandy tailored the workouts based on what I needed and I am so appreciative. I wanted to be an ambassador because I feel like everyone should know about Sandy. She has great workouts and an amazing community of moms! 
Q: Where is your favorite travel destination?
A: Hawaii! We go almost every year. It’s so beautiful, has great food and the people are so friendly.
Q: What is the oddest item in your purse/diaper bag?
A: I don’t think I have any odd items in my purse!
Q: What did you do before coming a mom?
A: I have had a range of jobs. I was a teacher, personal organizer, worked for a high end luxury consignment company - this was definitely an interesting experience and I learned a lot about luxury goods. Right before I had my daughter I worked as an assistant/coordinator and organized life cycle events. 
Q: Where were you born?
A: I was born in San Leandro, California. We moved further east to the Concord/ Walnut Creek area which is where I grew up. I attended college at The University of Arizona and moved home after graduating when I realized how much I enjoyed living in Northern California.
Thank YOU Brittany! 

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