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Hugging For Health

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Thursday, July 15, 2021

Remember hugging??

July 19th is a day that ALL. THE. PEOPLE. should acknowledge.It's BACK! And better than ever. 

Global Hug Your Kids Day. 

How many of us spend at least a good hour or two each day encouraging our little ones to 'hug it out' after a conflict?

How many of us LIVE for the spontaneous embrace of a limb by our smallest creations?

How many of us feel complete after being held by our own partner, best friend, mom? 

But why? 

“Sometimes called the “cuddle hormone” or “feel-good hormone,” oxytocin is produced by the hypothalamus and released by the pituitary gland when we’re physically affectionate, producing what some describe as warm fuzzies – feelings of connection, bonding, and trust,” said Paula S. Barry, MD, physician at Penn Family and Internal Medicine Longwood. (Via

There are studies...scientific studies, that show hugging can heal more than just the day-to-day boo boo. Hugging can: reduce stress; lower blood pressure; boost immune health; reduce pain and fears, among other things. And since we spent the good part of a year replacing the magical touch with elbow bumps and head nods, imagine the heightened benefits of a great big bear hug. 

So, on this global day of hugging (it's a day, we are just following the rules) squeeze your little ones a little longer. For their health and for your health. 

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