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Welcome Back Summer - Managing Overwhelm Post-Pandemic

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Welcome back summer. 

My how we've missed family barbecues, beaches, splash pad visits, zoo visits, boat days, tan lines and cruises on our favorite lakes. Recent CDC guidelines are opening up opportunities for fully-vaccinated individuals to resume pre-pandemic activities this summer as well as less rigid recommendations for everyone. We're embarking on a more 'normal' time this summer, it seems, and that well-known sense of overwhelm as the calendar begins to fill is creeping in.

Excitement. Worry. Stress. Glee.

All. The. Feels. 

Anyone else?

How are you feeling about returning to summer camps, pools, vacation spots, splash pads, etc.? How do you plan (if you know) to stay present with yourself and your little ones this summer? Last year it was almost easy to just 'be'...we had no other choice. Before the craze of summer days sets in, it's important to establish a plan for you and your family so that you can all enjoy the summer of 2021! 

Enjoy a BREAK. It's tempting to cram all the things left behind in 2020 into this summer, however, these short months are called 'summer break' for a reason. Let your kids be kids. Make sure you allow for down time each week and perhaps explore the world around you, especially now that it's a bit more safe to do so. 
Here are some thoughts on how to manage your summer for FULL enjoyment and...some calm thrown in:

  • Rely on your 'pod'. Most of us gathered in small groups during the school year for remote learning, socialization and sanity. Use these pods as your peeps for group activities, sharing responsibilities of planning and chaperoning with the other parents. 
  • Remind yourself what is important. If this past year taught us anything, it's the importance of connection, love, patience and presence. With ourselves, with our families and friends and with our communities. If your Google Calendar chimes more than 3 times a day to remind you of somewhere you're supposed to be, it might be time to hit delete.
  • Have fun. Easy, right? Do what makes you and your family happy within your own comfort zone. There's no rulebook on how to navigate the summer after a pandemic year. Just know that YOU get to make this time what it is. Make memories. Be that happier person you missed so much last year. Look forward to things! Enjoy the beautiful days and warm nights. Bring. On. Summer. 







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