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Moms on a Mission - MOMLETA Inspires Healthy Families

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Saturday, May 15, 2021

Last week we shared the importance of maternal mental health awareness in our blog, Maternal Mental Health #Realmotherhood. With their annual social media campaign, #Makingovermotherhood, TheBlueDotProject directly addresses the stigma and shame often surrounding postpartum mental health disorders. Images of #Realmotherhood flooded Instagram and Facebook as a way for moms to realistically depict 'momming' - something that resonates with us and our community of moms for sure! We will continue to work to bring awareness to maternal mental health issues within our community and share our core values and mission with moms of all ages and stages, starting with seeking inspiration daily and looking to inspire others through our actions and words.  
At MOMLETA, we strive to empower women to realize their full potential through inspiring health & wellness in their communities. In turn, the women we serve across the nation empower us with how they show up for themselves and families every. single. day. 
"I'm inspired by our members who get up and show up every day, whether it's online or in-person. Our members are amazing, inspirational, strong moms," says MOMLETA Founder and CEO Kristen Horler
We couldn't agree more. 
Thank you to all of you for being committed to your health, your fitness and your families. Read on to learn how some of our members are finding inspiration daily in their MOMLETA communities and what it means to them:  
"Before I joined MOMLETA, then Baby Boot Camp, I dreaded working out. It was like the sin of ALL sins to me. I hated my body and all of the changes that motherhood put me through and I missed my old skinny pre-baby self. When I found MOMLETA, I was introduced by a friend who was going through similar things. And, I found a group of ladies who had similar struggles and similar fears and similar insecurities who worked with each other and for each other. I’ve had enough girlfriends and friends to know that some friendships can be very manipulative and hurtful so to find a group of women who inspire you and work with you and cheer you on to keep being your best self made me feel like I was part of such a wonderful community. These women embrace your flaws with you and help you work through them. Being with like-minded women is also was such a great bonding experience. As someone who has dealt with postpartum depression and the resentment towards my children because of all of the physical changes to my body it felt wonderful to include my children in something that I was doing for me. And to not be 'mom-shamed' into bringing my kids to something or wanting to do something for me that may or may not involve my kids...priceless. I look back now and see how excited my daughter was and is to workout with me and how much she loves the instructors and how I am such a positive role model for her living a healthy lifestyle." - Nicole C.
"I love how we moms inspire each other with REAL conversation! When I see another mom post in our local MOMLETA group on Facebook about how she struggled to make it to class, but did it anyway...or perhaps she's looking for suggestions for self-care, it makes me evaluate my own life and see how I can make these changes despite challenging times in my life as well!" - Sarah K.
"MOMLETA saved my mental and physical health. I’m surrounded by strong women who not only push me to be and do my best, but who are also understanding and there when family life is making me crazy. It’s a true Mom Tribe. My self-care would be left behind in the dust if it weren’t for this program and this group." - Sarah H.
"Being a part of my MOMLETA tribe has taught me so many things. One of the most important is how much the little things can affect the big picture. Meal planning and meal prepping is something I never did before my first MOLO (Mother Love Wellness Challenge). It helps make the week nights run smoother and ensures healthier meals are available for my family. Bringing my kids to my everyday workout shows them how important being active is for our bodies. By one year old, both my boys knew how to do squats, burpees, sprint runs and so much more! I’m leading by example and I’m teaching my kids so much more than how to workout." - Christina S.

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