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Mother Love Wellness Challenge 2021. Fit for Life.

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Friday, January 15, 2021

We're 15 days into 2021 - halfway through the first month of what we all hope is a year full of health and happiness. Despite the many uncertainties we continue to face, the turn of a new year is a wonderful opportunity to pause, reflect and envision a healthy and happy year ahead. 
What if there was a challenge that was set to begin just as you're feeling the need to revisit your intentions and goals for 2021 - a challenge that focuses on making lifestyle change through proper fitness, mindset, and nutrition? 
💙 Mother Love Wellness Challenge (MOLO), is an 8-week challenge held February 1st through March 31st this year. MOLO happens only ONCE A YEAR and you DON'T want to MISS IT!! It's 8 weeks full of motivation, daily challenges (with a printable calendar to follow), accountability, powerful encouragement, and more!
💙 MOLO is for moms of ALL ages and stages - prenatal, newly postpartum, working, and veteran moms. 
💙 While we don't know what 2021 holds, one thing is for sure - you can control your health & wellness!

This year will be different, for sure. If you're struggling with creating or sticking to a list of 'resolutions', it may be time to try something new: 

Choose a word or phrase to live by in 2021 and focus your goals/intentions on those two words. For example - happiness, presence, joy, listening; 

Create a vision board for the year. Include inspirational quotes and phrases and pictures to help guide you; 

Write your 'to-dos' down. Create a calendar of your workouts, meals, books you want to read/listen to. Work three to four weeks at a time and be sure to include your kids' school schedule and any appointments so you're prepared for anything that might get in the way of YOUR calendar; 

Set small and attainable intentions and priority items each day and work on those. The busier you are, the harder it is to make successful long-term commitments! Small wins all the way;
 Be specific, WRITE THINGS DOWN, review it (and change it, if needed) constantly, ask for HELP, join a like-minded GROUP of women (MOLO, MOMLETA), consider giving UP something that is holding you down. 
What are some of YOUR goals for this new year? 
For a short informational video on all things MOLO, click here! 

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