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Mom's Workout From Home Holiday Wish List

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Tuesday, December 15, 2020

The need and desire to workout from home WILL continue into 2021! And we've been at this long enough to know JUST what moms need to get the best workouts from home. Here's some wish list help for you to share with family and friends!  
First on our list is our MOMLETA Equipment Kit. The HIIT & CORE New Client Equipment Kit provides you with the basic equipment required for all MOMLETA classes. Each kit includes:
  • Covered Resistance Tube 
  • Loop Band 
  • Karna Ball 
  • MOMLETA Water Bottle Sticker &
  • MOMLETA Drawstring Sportpack 
Check with your local MOMLETA Owner for special pricing on all MOMLETA equipment!  
In addition to your MOMLETA equipment, add some of these pieces to your home gym to mix-up your exercise experience: jump rope; multiple sets of weights (we suggest 3, 5, 8, and 10 pounds); yoga mat; stability ball; step;  and kettlebells. 
Now, once you have all the equipment you need, your local MOMLETA schedule in your calendar and a MOMLETA Punch Pass account created, let's get moving! 
  1. Get your calendar out (YES, despite 2020's efforts to squelch our planner obsession) and schedule your week's workouts; 
  2. Make yourself adhere to that schedule. YOU ARE WORTH IT! You took the time to plan…so go actually do it.
  3. Make your workout space just that...YOUR space to workout. Declutter, decorate. With some practice you'll see that your workout will work in even the smallest of spaces! Be creative! 
  4. JOIN a group of friends...virtually. Do this TOGETHER! Think - ACCOUNTABILITY. Start a text string and check-in with your friends pre and post-workout!
  5. Push yourself. Be your biggest cheerleader. You CAN DO THIS! 
 Happy shopping and Happy Holidays! 

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