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How We and Our Children Are Enjoying Exercise This Summer

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Wednesday, July 15, 2020

"Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't." - Elle Woods in Legally Blonde

Many of us naturally step up our exercise game during the summer months - and not just to spare those around us but also because we NEED to move our bodies and to connect with our minds, nature, and, in socially distanced and safe circumstances, our friends. 

The warmth. 

The sun.

The breeze.

The long days and bright mornings.

It feels great to get some vitamin D while we move. This summer, while we're feeling like we're missing out because most 'things' are cancelled, we are happy that exercising is NOT one of them! In fact, on the spectrum of safe activities to engage in right now, exercising outdoors alone or in small groups is very low risk! Just a few weeks ago our team excitedly announced that some of our Momleta locations were beginning to offer outdoor, in-person classes again with a high standard of safety protocols and procedures. And just a few weeks later we are sharing how great it is to be exercising this summer - both in-person and virtually!


Of course, with the summer sun and heat comes the need for tips and tricks on keeping energy up and bodies hydrated while exercising. Also, how do we keep our littles ones cool and comfy while we burpee? Here are a few of our best tips: 

Staying COOL and ENERGIZED - Be sure your workout clothes are conducive to wicking moisture (sweat) as well as loose fitting to allow for air flow to your skin while you workout. Our Momleta franchise owners are fans of these Athleta brand shorts for comfort and convenience (hello pockets) and we recommend checking out this list from Women's Health for tank recommendations. 

Keeping our little ones COOL and ENTERTAINED -  While we workout and sweat, our little ones should be comfortable, safe and happy too. Look into getting a cooler seat (check Amazon) and an ice gel pack to throw behind the stroller seat support. Cooling towels are also great to have on hand for your children! Stroller fans are a great way to both entertain babies and keep them cool. As always, our Momleta members have some great ideas: 

Keeping them COMFY: "I highly recommend getting a little fan. We use ours in the stroller, at the beach & in the kids' bike trailer. We have also used the spray bottles with fans. I have also put hard ice packs under the padded part of the stroller and the mesh back part when laying down when E was a baby. This helped keep it a bit cooler as inside the stroller can get a bit toasty. ALWAYS be careful putting a blanket over the stroller to block out sun (we are mostly in shade) because it can get extremely hot. If it is bugs you are worried about, get a mesh bug net."

Keeping them HAPPY: "If you have a decent amount of trunk space, plan on having your kid(s) in the trunk (only if they are old enough to do so)! Clean it out ahead of time make room for your kids to sit and play -this makes coloring and other activities easier because they can get to things themselves! I have a fully packed bag with snacks and toys for each kid right in the trunk. When I get to class, it takes seconds to divvy up the fun. 

Grab books they haven’t read in a while OR let them pick some books from the library to look at (you can reserve them online and pick them up). Finally, have a ‘Momleta Bag’ that the kids can choose what they want to bring to play with before class or the night before."- Christine D. Momleta Syracuse Member 

HYDRATE - When attending outdoor classes, always bring extra water for yourself and your children. You should be drinking at least 20 oz prior to class, 7-10 oz every 10-15 mins during class, and have plenty for your ride home to replenish from sweat loss. Remember to pack water for your little ones as well!  You and your little ones should be well hydrated before class even begins. 

Two of our favorite healthy hydration products are by Nuun and Zico. Did you know as a Momleta member you can enjoy special discounts on both of these natural hydration products? Check with your local franchise owner here!  

As always, follow all instructor modifications during class and take multiple movement breaks. 

What other tips can you share for fun and safe outdoor exercise in the summer months? 


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