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We Meet Again - The Journey Back to In-Person Classes

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Sunday, June 14, 2020

How many burpees have YOU done in your living-room since March?

Have you foraged for soup cans in your pantry (we all have that 'use by 2010 can of cream of mushroom' in there) to use as weights? 

The remote workout took the world by storm in late March and although this is not a new way of exercising, it will no doubt continue to be the way by which people exercise for the foreseeable future. There's definitely something to be said for rolling out of bed or your workstation chair and into your workout clothes (if you even had the opportunity to change out of them from the day before), setting-up your laptop or phone, grabbing the kids a snack or perhaps a little YouTube Kids time and moving and sweating in the comfort of your own home. Momleta locations across the country adapted to this new way of moving with moms and for the past three months maintained a safe and effective way for members to exercise - and many will continue for a while.  

"Virtual Momleta classes have been an amazing opportunity for me to continue and enhance my fitness journey from home! Between caring for my two boys under two during the day, and working full-time night shifts, my schedule is abnormal and challenging. Committing to a specific class time is often difficult. Virtual classes give me the flexibility to replay classes when the time is right for me and my family. Whether it’s live virtual or a replay, I feel connected with my Momleta instructors; they are motivating and always give me a phenomenal workout!" - Lindsey S., Momleta Syracuse Member 

Still, we miss our moms...and all the littles. 

After nearly three months of running exclusively virtual programming, a few select Momleta locations are beginning to add in-person classes to their schedules. Pre-coronavirus policies for all Momleta locations seem to be easing the transition back to in-person classes - more so than what most fitness centers are experiencing.

“We are so excited that many of our franchises across the country are able to begin to meet outdoors for in-person classes. We believe that our pre-coronavirus safety policies in addition to specific guidelines set by local and national governments will allow for a seamless transition from our virtual programming. We know that every region is on a different time frame with different guidelines for holding in-person classes, so we are pleased to announce that members will continue to have access to our Facebook community, Momleta - Our Online Community.” - Kristen Horler, Founder of Momleta


While in-person classes were temporarily on hold due to COVID-19, Momleta HQ launched Momleta - Our Online Community, with daily virtual fitness classes & clinics, interviews with health & wellness professionals, and resources for moms. 

Momleta Owners are excited to see their moms again in-person. They've been out purchasing cones so moms will know where to set their mats, equipment and strollers. Instructors are stocking up on hand sanitizer and wipes. And everyone is showing up ready to sweat and smile - just like before.  

“I was initially very apprehensive about returning to in-person classes but was pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition has been. Our moms have responded well to the changes- smaller classes, sanitizing before/after and being outdoors. Most precautions we are already accustomed to such as keeping kids in strollers and using our own equipment. The thing I love about our business is how seamlessly we could go virtual and then start to add in-person classes back in slowly. Our moms have absolutely loved seeing each other in person again and I think it’s been good for everyone’s mental state." - Kasey Johnson, Owner of Momleta Frisco, Plano & Little Elm, TX

Owners, instructors and members of locations beginning in-person classes are excited to return while also feeling grateful for the opportunity to experience on-going virtual classes. 

"My plans to return to group exercise classes after maternity leave in late March were turned upside down with the Quarantine Orders.  Luckily, I became involved in Momleta Miami just before the Quarantine. Momleta HQ provided access to 6 live workouts each week led by instructors across the country. I quickly transformed my outdoor balcony to a gym and incorporated the Momleta HQ workouts into my daily routine. The instructors were motivating, portrayed a positive outlook on life and provided challenging workouts.  While I am looking forward to getting back to live group fitness classes, the Momleta HQ virtual workouts were exactly what I needed to stay strong on my fitness journey during this unusual phase of our lives." - Sarah Goldberg, Momleta Miami Member


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