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Allie Hammond: MOLO 2020 Mom of the Year

Posted by: Kate Jwaskiewicz, Owner MOMLETA Syracuse on Wednesday, April 29, 2020



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In Allie's Words

"As a stay-at-home mom to a four-year-old and a nine-month-old, and as a supportive wife of a busy accountant, I tend to put my needs last and allow myself to run on fumes, as many mothers do. At the start of 2020, I knew I needed to make a change for myself and my family. I had to make myself a priority, for my overall health and mental well-being. I knew the upcoming Mother Love Challenge (MOLO) was the perfect opportunity to jump start my wellness journey. 

"I have been a member of MOMLETA Syracuse (formerly Baby Boot Camp Syracuse) since September 2016 and this is my fourth time participating in the MOLO challenge. I look forward to this challenge all year as it is a refreshing opportunity to focus on myself and the goals I have set. MOLO occurs during the coldest and snowiest months in Central New York, and also coincides with my husband’s busy season. This time of year can be very isolating for me, but with the camaraderie of MOLO and MOMLETA, it has become very uplifting, and I find myself looking forward to the upcoming days and weeks. My goals for MOLO this year included: attending at least two classes a week (boot camp and/or Karna), eating healthier, and drinking more water. The goal that I feel I experienced the greatest improvement was my class attendance. Just before the start of MOLO, MOMLETA Syracuse began to offer Karna Camp. I met the requirement of being exactly six months postpartum, so I decided to take the leap and try a class. The workout was just what I needed to get myself moving and motivated! I made a commitment to myself to attend the Karna classes offered during the week at 5:45am, which is no small feat for me as I have never been a morning person. Within in a few workouts I could feel positive changes physically, mentally, and emotionally. I noticed that the endorphins from the challenging early morning workouts were carrying me through the day, I felt happier, and I had the energy to keep up with my children. I was eating healthier, drinking more water, and feeling stronger. I knew to expect these changes; however, I was not anticipating seeing a glimpse of the person that I had once been. 

"The part of me that resurfaced after all this time was the athlete in me. I was a competitive swimmer throughout high school and college. In college, on top of being a full-time undergraduate student, I attended practice in excess of fourteen hours a week and competed in meets on Saturdays. This was such an integral part of my personality, stress relief, and mental health, but it wasn’t easy. The focus and dedication I had for swimming made me a better student and athlete. Upon graduation, that chapter of my life closed, which at the time was needed due to an injury and being ready to start my work career. I now realize that I have been longing to fill that competitive void for eleven years. After seeing the benefits from the Karna workouts, I knew that I needed to make myself a priority and carve out the time to continue to attend them going forward to be better for my family.

"Six weeks into MOLO this year, COVID-19 became a reality in our country causing my family and many other families across the country to go into isolation in our homes. I am so thankful that I was putting the time and effort into making myself a priority during the Mother Love Challenge (MOLO 2020). It helped me lay a solid foundation of support during these uncertain times. I have found this time so far to be extremely challenging for my mental health. MOMLETA Syracuse has gone above and beyond by offering remote classes. Being able to continue attending classes has allowed me to finish MOLO stronger, both mentally and physically, than when I started.

"MOMLETA Syracuse is a beacon of light for me during this motherhood journey. Joining this community of strong and supportive women is one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself and my children. I cherish being part of this community and I would be lost without their support." 


Nominated by Kate Jwaskiewicz, Owner, MOMLETA Syracuse, NY 

"It all just clicked for Allie. Everything. Her motivation and her dedication and her ACTION. And in the end, it showed up on her physically and mentally and in every other way possible!

"I am always blown away by my Moms during MOLO. The way these women step-up for themselves and each other. For the past four MOLOs in which she participated, Allie was always the Mom showing the rest of us that prioritizing self-care was the most SELF-LESS thing we could do. She posted on almost every single daily challenge (ask Facebook Insights). When she hit the 6-month postpartum mark she was literally knocking on Karna’s door.

"This year was ‘different’ from the very beginning. 2020. New year. New decade. New vision. Leap Year. Then COVID-19. To each uncertainty Allie pressed forward. She would simply say, ‘OK, we got this!’ Her smile is infectious – and is the FIRST thing you notice about her and her beautiful boys.  The woman smiles during burpees. Are they not hard enough for her? Nah! She just LOVES TO SMILE! 

"I am beyond proud of how Allie gave her body grace during her pregnancy and early postpartum period. I am in awe of her dedication to her goal to begin attending Karna Classes while perhaps feeling a bit nervous about how her body might respond. MOLO was perfectly timed in her journey to some amazing things in 2020. She did not disappoint. And when there was an off day, “I was so off my game last week so I’m dedicated to getting back on track! I am registered for classes and my fridge is stocked with healthy food ✅” – Allie

Gratitude and pride, Allie. I am so honored to know you and call you my friend. xoxo" 



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