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The Virtual Date Night Life

Posted by: MOMLETA HQ on Monday, April 6, 2020

We know, Mama. You're exhausted. You're parenting, schooling, working, exercising, crafting, cooking, EVERYTHING-ING on lockdown, in your homes.

Romance? Dates? Drinks with our friends? While we aren't currently able to enjoy certain lifestyle excitements in the traditional sense, there are ways to make the most (and the best) of this extended time at home.   

It may be a few weeks, even months, before we see happy couples or groups of friends posting date night and moms' night photos on social media. At least those from OUTSIDE our homes...less than 6 feet from other people. In the meantime, what we will see are amazingly creative stay-date nights and virtual happy hours. People are connecting via virtual platforms like Zoom and Goole Hang-Outs Meet. Families are setting up obstacles courses and holding movie nights under the stars (in the safety of their own backyards). As parents, there's no doubt we're doing our best to make this time as 'normal' for our little ones as possible. And although we love seeing the creativity and care parents are putting into their children's new daily routines, we miss the posts from couples out for the first time without kids since 2017. We are all missing the nights out and the time to reconnect with our own partners, friends and families. So, we decided to turn to our community of MOMLETA Moms to find out what they are doing for FUN. 

Adventure Challenge

"I got my husband Adventure Challenge for Christmas and we did one over the weekend. L was in bed and E was awake. We set him up with a movie and we did our scratch-off challenge. There are different categories of dates with a key that indicates if you need to shop for the date, how much you need to spend, if you have to go out or if you can be home. You pick one and you don’t know what it is until you scratch it off! 

Our challenge was to make a 4 x 6 square comic strip of our relationship. It was fun!" - Christine 

Movie and Game Night 

"My husband is home all the time now so we're actually spending the most time together we have in our married lives, lol. For the last 4 weeks we've made sure to put E to bed by 8:00 on Wednesdays so we can watch Survivor together since we've never been able to do that before all this. We've been able to hang out and catch up on shows, which is our favorite thing to do." - Kate  

"We've been playing a lot of games together at night after the kids are in bed...Chess, Dominoes, cards, Scrabble. And of course, lots of wine! It's been fun and helps us not want to kill each other." - Ashley  



Make a Date Box

"Date box! We used a Mason Jar and wrote date night ideas on popsicle sticks to place inside the jar. The idea is, you’re supposed to randomly select one and that’s your date. Here are some of the ideas (check out the photo for more): play Mad Libs; do a puzzle together; share 5 goals over a latte; give each other a back or foot rub." - Angela 

And, our personal favorite...

"We tried last night. Candlelit bath with bath bomb (who doesn’t love a little romance?). It ended with me breaking the water knob so the water didn’t stop, emergency shut off of our water and spending half the night fixing our bathroom. It was a good idea though." - Nicole

Date night will never look the same. But it will be perfect's the connection and time you need. 

Tell us, what are you doing to keep that (quarantine appropriate) connection going with your spouse/partner?  












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