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Maintaining Community When You Are in Isolation

Posted by: Carolyn Morris, Instructor, Baby Boot Camp Morristown & Parsippany, NJ on Wednesday, March 18, 2020

An international pandemic. Leap year. Daylight Savings Time. A full moon. Friday the 13th   AND a new trending phrase ‘social distancing’ happening all in the same week. Whoa mama!  By nature we are all social beings who need community and interaction with others.  Social gatherings boost our serotonin levels, and help us learn how to connect on a deeper level. So with schools closing, events canceled, and social distancing, how do we maintain our community when in isolation?

Get to know your family again: With busy work, school, sports schedules and ‘living’ your best lives on pause, we are all abruptly home together, under one roof.  Even though we see each other every day it seems like we are all just exhausted shells who use our homes to eat, sleep, shower, & go about our day.


So now what? Get to know your family again! Family dinners, game nights, nature walks, talks, and play time!  I’m discovering that my 9 year old daughter may be taller than me by summer and that she’s becoming a budding author, artist, and activist. She also tells great “dad” jokes. My 6 year old son, who sadly may also be taller than me by this summer (SMH! LOL!), is an up and coming architect, part-time Ninja, debater, and he may also be a closet math genius. My husband, who I’ve know for 25 years, I’ve recently discovered is a wicked Dominoes player and doesn’t tell dad jokes nearly as well as our 9 year old. 

Go on a Sunday drive: When I was a kid our family would get into our car and just drive to somewhere new and have a picnic. Sometimes we'd just drive to feel the breeze whipping through the car. It would take less than an hour to drive around the entire Caribbean island that I grew up on but I got to see new things and play car games.  This was such a memorable experience! In fact, I still vividly remember my sister yelling punch buggy blue followed by a hard punch to the arm. You get to know a lot about a person when you’re stuck in a car with them for an hour. You get to discover new radio stations as your presets get fuzzy when you drive out of range. You also get to discover some of the beautiful nature trails that neighboring communities have to offer.

Call people: In this age of texting and social media friendships, it’s important to remember the old stand-by's of calling or video chatting with friends and family.  I remember spending hours on the phone with my friends and three-way calling as a teen. Of course, that has all been replaced by group chats with my mom friends.  Call your friends and family! Video chat with them find out what they’re doing during this time of distancing. Hey, maybe you’ll get new ideas or maybe you’ll rediscover why you became friends with these people in the first place.

Social media distancing: While mom groups on platforms like Facebook and Pinterest help us find pediatricians, contractors, and homemade leprechaun traps, I’m seeing an uptick in judgment, unkind comments, and misinformation regarding COVID-19.  Some people mistake the opinions they are reading as facts from reliable sources and continue the trend of viral misinformation. The photos of empty shelves, and people fighting over toilet paper could raise anyone’s anxiety levels and make us have apocalyptic thoughts.  I recently found it necessary for my mental health to social media distance myself from unhealthy groups.  The un-follow feature is so liberating. I am so glad that my local Baby Boot Camp Facebook group as well as our Baby Boot Camp Global Page is leading the way with positive and supportive content.  We are keeping our members engaged with funny games, activities for the kids, virtual workouts, and challenges. I’m so proud of our Baby Boot Camp (soon to be Momleta) community!

Stay physically active:
My favorite quote to use when teaching a Baby Boot Camp Morristown & Parsippany, NJ class is, “Exercise gives you endorphinsEndorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't.” — Elle Woods (Legally Blonde).

Our local owner, Anna Markouris, along with many other Baby Boot Camp owners, had the foresight to plan virtual workouts for our members because we all understand how important remaining physically active is to lifting mood and boosting immunity. Personally, I like to get my morning workout in before my kids get up. That movement gives me energy to handle the curveballs my little ones throw my way. I’m so glad that I found Baby Boot Camp when I did. If you know a newly postpartum mom, a pregnant mom...a mom with kids in high school even...please get her to join a class virtually during these next few weeks! We have created an amazing Facebook community at Momleta- Our Online Community. Check for a location near you! Baby Boot Camp is YOUR community in this time of isolation. 










Carolyn Morris is a Baby Boot Camp Instructor with Baby Boot Camp Morristown & Parsippany, NJ. 

Carolyn is an ACE Group Fitness certified Instructor and has taught with Baby Boot Camp Morristown & Parsippany, NJ for almost 2-1/2yrs.  She came to Baby Boot Camp as a client when her oldest was 9 months old, fell in love with the community & even become the 2016 MOLO Mom of the Year! Carolyn is currently working on starting FIT4Kidz, which is a Bootcamp program for kids to encourage them to love and value exercise.

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