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5 Eye Opening Reason to Join Baby Boot Camp

Posted by: Kimberly Conway, Owner Baby Boot Camp Hamilton County & Indy (North), IN on Friday, November 15, 2019

As a follower of Baby Boot Camp, you already know that exercise is good for your body and is key to maintaining a healthy, strong body pre and post baby. I’m sure you have also heard, you can bring your kids with you to Baby Boot Camp- no daycare, no finding time when your partner is home, no rushing back to the next feeding. You might know that we also have a MomStrong community available as part of your membership. If we haven’t given you enough, here are a few more WOWing reasons to joining your local Baby Boot Camp: 

  1. Moms love a BOGO

Our classes are cost effective. We strive to keep monthly memberships affordable for one income families. Plus, Baby Boot Camp is a two for one! 


Not only are you getting in your exercise, but your kids get a play date as well. You both get to socialize with other families in YOUR community, while working on YOUR fitness. BOGO! This leads me to my next reason to join; 

  1. Master Multitasking

For survival, moms quickly become masters of multitasking! Baby Boot Camp offers the opportunity to get multiple tasks done at once. With a limited attention span and fast-growing skills, it can be very difficult to think of baby activities that will keep your baby engaged all day long. With other little ones to play with and guided interaction, an hour of stimulation will quickly pass. Between the endorphins from exercise and the feeling of accomplishment, you and your baby will both feel like you’ve gotten a reset. Plus, you’ll have checked-off some developmental activities!

      3. Bonding 

The mother-baby bond doesn't always happen immediately, and that is OKAY! Feeling stuck in the cycle of endless diapers, feedings, crying fits, and YOUR lack of sleep does not help either. Change the scenery and get those happy hormones flowing while you exercise. 

Babies are born social creatures! During class make silly faces, blow raspberries and play peek-a-boo with your baby.  Sing, move, and groove! Baby Boot Camp classes create a rich sensory environment for your child, and you will get your heart rate pumping along the way. With crafts, singing, music, bubbles, story books; sensory opportunities are everywhere.

  1. Momma’s Mental Health

Getting out of the house will do you and your kids good. It can seem overwhelming to get everyone together and out of the house; but at Baby Boot Camp, you can come as you are and not feel out of place. Exercise helps you to relieve stress and gives you more energy. Sure, you may feel tired when you first start a new program, but soon you will feel energized and even sleep better during those few hours between feedings and diaper changes. Endorphins also help you to feel mentally sharp, which we all know is hard when you have ‘’Mom Brain”. 

  1. Mom Friends

You’re in a new phase of life that might seem isolating. If you are lucky enough to have friends with kids the same age as yours, you know the friendship can get you through the tough moments. The extra hand friends provide, plus sharing tips and tricks helps mothers by taking away stress – resulting in happier moms with happier children. If you are an introvert like me, bonding over accomplishing a workout together makes friendships happen naturally over time. You may not be BFF’s immediately, but actively participating inspires camaraderie and bonds you to the other moms.  Outside of class, each Baby Boot Camp franchise has its own private MomStrong Tribe that meets online and in person, including moms’ nights!

Motherhood is not for the faint of heart, and we all struggle at times. Be a part of a group that inspires you, challenges you, and cheers you on! All you need to do is try your FIRST CLASS FREE! 









Kimberly is the Owner with Baby Boot Camp- Hamilton County & Indy (North), IN. An AFAA Certified Group Fitness Instructor, she holds a B.S. in Public Health Education focusing on Women's Health from Indiana University in Bloomington. Kimberly and her husband and kids are born and raised in Indy, and love to spend time exploring their community. Her passion for educating women about health and the importance of "self-care" led Kimberly to Baby Boot Camp. "We have a place for you, no matter where you are in motherhood. Come be 'Fit for the Journey' with us!"


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