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Carissa Macedo: 2019 MOLO Mom of the Year

Posted by: Kirsten Evans, Owner & Instructor on Friday, April 26, 2019

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Mountain Buggy Phocus • Nuun • Enso • KiwiCo • Baby Boot Camp


...Carissa's story...

"As I reviewed my goals at the end of this MOLO, I realized that for the first time I held myself accountable on all my goals. I found grace and patience for myself, I went to bed early— read 3 books, woke up early so I could get everyone started with their days happily, I exceeded my goal to attend Baby Boot Camp classes 3 times a week and often went for 4, stopped impulse shopping and starbucks-ing (thanks shipt! thanks Ninja CoffeeBar!) and made sure to feel good about myself once a day!

"When this MOLO began, I felt unsure of everything. I knew I needed to find footing and a schedule,  but didn’t know where to begin. I realized the relief I felt after getting to and through a Baby Boot Camp class--it became the first part of my new schedule with three kids. Having the outlet of other moms, laughing and complaining about our lack of sleep and how we were hanging on by a thread, helped my days feel fuller and happier. Misery really does love company; misery just wants to know it’s not alone on the hardest mornings!

"I still had days that were hard, but I found myself doing mental resets on those days and it would be enough to get the kids to school and me to Baby Boot Camp and then the rest of the day fell into place. I had a team of moms who encouraged me every day. We all lifted each other up and reminded each other how inspired we felt to see everyone working towards and achieving their own goals. I watched my entire team gain strength and confidence. We shared encouragement and recipes. We were all responsible for each other’s success!

"This wasn’t just a fitness challenge for me, it was a lifestyle challenge. I needed the motivation to find my routine and figure out how to survive what felt impossible some days. I needed to be reminded of how to meal plan and food prep. But I also needed to remember what it felt like to feel good from a healthy home cooked meal and a great workout! I’ve known for years how much I love this amazing tribe of women, but this is the first year I have realized how much I really needed them." -Carissa Macedo


Nominated by Kirsten Evans, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Lake Mary, Orlando Central & Winter Park, FL

“Carissa has been a member for 4 years now. While going through the motions each MOLO season, yet still making it great, she took this MOLO season to a BEAUTIFUL NEW LEVEL for herself and others around her. With fabulous sweaters and fairy hair, it was hard not to feel good vibes whenever in her presence. 

"Even with 3 beautiful girls, Carissa is a giver, and a light bringer to all. She was there to support the other moms in our tribe, and did some really special things for two moms in particular that desperately needed it. I could go on and on about Carissa. She truly is a beautiful soul inside and out, and through her words, actions, and love for herself and others, she totally deserves the recognition of choosing LOVE in life over anything else." -Kirsten Evans

8 Signs It Might Be MOLO Season
1. Your Valentines Day dinner is at a salad restaurant.
2. You ask random strangers to do burpees with you.
3. Your fridge is stocked with tofu, radishes and yucca.
4. You purchase several lemon trees to keep your morning hot water habit going.
5. Dunkin donuts profits are down 35% the next 2 months.
6. Your hubby doesn't know how to find half of the grocery list at the store and you get a call asking what tahini is.
7. You make 3 new best friends every week.
8. You feel more alert, energetic & those skinny jeans are finally starting to fit!

Congratulations, Carissa!

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