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Stacey Yates: 2018 MOLO Mom of the Year

Posted by: Heather Rosenberger, Owner & Instructor on Friday, April 20, 2018

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Stacey Yates

...Stacey's story...

“Prior to having a baby, I struggled with my weight and staying active. Once I had my son, I was extremely worried about how I would lose all of my baby weight. Would I join a gym? Who would watch my son while I was working out? Thankfully, I found Baby Boot Camp and ever since it has become an integral part of my life as a stay at home mom.

"I was not sure how being part of MOLO could really change what I was doing already since I regularly attended class, but I sure was wrong. MOLO helped me to look at food differently, engage even more with the moms in my community, and push myself to achieve fitness goals I would have thought impossible in the past. Throughout MOLO, I became more cognizant of what I was eating by tracking my food and caloric intake in MyFitnessPal. Because I kept a food diary, I became more aware of meals where I would eat an immense amount of calories (like when I would go to Tijuana Flats and binge on the chips). I also saw how long it would take to burn off that those foods at Baby Boot Camp class or running. This helped me to realize that the unhealthy high calorie foods were just not worth it in the end!

"At six months old, my son began eating real food at family mealtimes and this timing coincided with the start of MOLO. I realized that if I did not want to feed him something like french fries, why would I eat it myself? Prepping meals for my son that mirrored my own also helped me to remain focused on eating fruits and vegetables at each meal since I wanted to ensure he would get the proper nutrients.

"The constant posting of meals and recipes in our MOLO Facebook group also helped me to want to stay on track with meals and to share with the other ladies. If I only ate fast food, what would I post that day?

"My biggest struggle with food is, and always has been, dessert. At the start of MOLO, I set the goal of only eating dessert three times a week and shared this goal with our group. The last few weeks of MOLO, I even tried to make my own, surprisingly delicious, “nice cream” dessert out of fruit. The last week of MOLO I was even able to forgo dessert for five days instead of just four. Whoa. Who am I?

"My biggest achievement during MOLO has been with running. I never imagined being able to run more than 4 miles, let alone a 68-minute 10K or 12 consecutive miles! The run training helped me kick start my running with the accountability that I needed. Overall, the weight/inches I have lost pale in comparison to the community I have gained through Baby Boot Camp & MOLO. I will forever be grateful for the genuine care and encouragement that has turned me into someone who genuinely enjoys working out.” -Stacey Yates

Nominated by Heather Rosenberger, Owner & Instructor of Baby Boot Camp Oviedo (West) & Winter Springs, FL:

“I remember meeting our MOLO winner in the mall after class one day. She had her sweet little newborn baby and she came up and said she was excited to come out and join us soon – not knowing what she was getting herself into. At her first class, she gave me this look like she wanted to punch me and hug me at the same time. She took a few breaks that class, but kept coming back for more.

"We started a running program prior to MOLO and she was the first one on board for our half marathon training. She came out every week in all of her reflective gear and was determined to finish the assigned runs. During MOLO, she ran her fastest 5k and completed her first official 10k. She has been so diligent and focused on reaching her goals that I have no doubt that she will crush her upcoming half marathon.

"She has been so focused on her nutrition, coming to class, and training for her half marathon. She completed all of the challenges that we’ve thrown at her. From diaper changing squats to Throwdown Thursday workouts posted in our group to plank challenges – she was on fire! She improved in every fitness assessment, from shaving time off her half mile to completing 20 non-modified push-ups, and has lost a total of 10 inches and 13 lbs! She is motivating, encouraging, and such a positive influence on everyone in our group. It has been so much fun watching her fitness journey and I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!” -Heather Rosenberger

Congratulations, Stacey!

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