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Being A Good Mom Friend

Posted by: Alexa Hasman on Wednesday, March 7, 2018

As I sit here, holding my sick kiddo while he sleeps, I can’t help but be so grateful for all the incredible mom friends I have in my life. Don’t get me wrong, all my friends are great, but there is something especially important about mom friends. They just get it and they know how to react and what you need. Here are the keys to being a good “mom” friend.

1) No judgement. When you are having a hard day with the kids and you need to vent, it is integral that you have a mom friend that doesn’t judge you. Judging looks and comments aren’t ideal when you are telling your friend how your toddler watched an hour of Daniel Tiger so you could shower and maybe eat some non-toddler food.

2) Be ready to give mom advice. Moms encounter situations literally every day that are new to them. Poop in the bath, teething torture, picky eaters, etc. A good mom friend needs to be ready with an arsenal of advice and recommendations to help in every situation...or just to laugh with you when times get overwhelming.

3) Be flexible. Things come up, kids get sick or cranky and moms often have to cancel plans last minute or show up late. Sometimes, really late. As a good mom friend, you need to be understanding and flexible for sudden changes.

4) Check in. Life and things can get crazy. It’s always a good idea to check in on your friends every once and awhile and make sure they aren’t buried underneath legos or covered in baby puke. 

5) Always offer wine. This is pretty self-explanatory if you have kids. Friends are essential to the survival of moms everywhere. Surround yourself with the right mom friends and make sure you are always stocked up on wine, advice, and supportive vibes!

By Alexa Hasman, owner of Baby Boot Camp Portland, Sherwood & Wilsonville

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