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Q&A - Core9 Birth Recovery

Posted by: Kylan Pimley on Friday, December 1, 2017

core9Core9 Birth Recovery is a program designed to assist a new mom during the first 9 weeks of motherhood through fitness, nutrition and community support. Core9 initially begins for the client at home and transitions to include social support & diastasis checks at the conclusion of our Baby Boot Camp classes (prior to her 6-8 week clearance to resume physical activity). This is part of the transition to help a new mom prepare to get out of the house, possibly with a toddler (and newborn), and get to your Baby Boot Camp classes on time. Core9 also helps to make sure mom is well nourished after reaching 6-8 weeks postpartum. Additional training on exercise modifications specific to our Baby Boot Camp classes are tailored to each mom.

Core9 is designed to be a comprehensive program that is not limited to FITNESS. One that supports moms in what is often referred to as the 4th trimester.  and  were the. I sat down with them to celebrate their boys, Bo and Charlie, first birthdays. Below is their interview about the Core9 Birth Recovery experience.

Core9 is designed to be a comprehensive program that is not limited to FITNESS. One that supports moms in what is often referred to as the 4th trimester. Caitlin Biore and Jenn Harrington were the first two Core9 Birth Recovery Participants. I sat down with them to celebrate their boys, Bo and Charlie's, first birthdays. Below is information about their Core9 Birth Recovery experience.


Q: When did you participate in the Core9 Birth Recovery Program?

A: I participated in the Core9 Birth Recovery Program last summer ~mid-August, shortly after giving birth to my second child.

A: August through October 2015 after the birth of my second child.


Q: What did you love about the Core9 Birth Recovery Program?

A: I loved that I was able to continue my health and fitness post-partum. Although it was much more scaled back, it gave me a chance to recover after childbirth the proper way. I also loved that I was still able to connect to our “mom tribe” even though I wasn’t able to attend Baby Boot Camp classes.

A: The diastasis recti information was so helpful and staying connected with my Baby Boot Camp family was great, but what I loved the most was having something to do for myself each day. The first several weeks postpartum are usually focused on baby. Since this was my second child, my time was divided between the new baby and big sister. Self-care would have been last on the list for me. The Core9 program worked my body, but also gave me a much-needed mental boost throughout the day.





Q: How did this birth recovery experience differ from your first?

A: It was MUCH faster! With my first, I had a really long labor and delivery which resulted in my post-partum recovery to be long. I also was not as active during my first pregnancy as I was with my second. I think this also helped with a speedier recovery and just feeling better overall.

A: After my daughter was born in 2012, I had knee and ankle pain from doing nothing for six weeks and then jumping back into exercising. I also had neck and shoulder pain from poor posture. And it took almost two years to correct my diastasis recti. After my son's birth in 2015, I eased my way back into exercising, was conscience of my posture and alignment throughout the day (thanks to the Core9 movements). I corrected my diastasis recti in 4 months. I had no joint pain and avoided injuries during my recovery.


Q: Did you experience any postpartum pelvic pain while recovering?

A: No, not that I was aware of.

A: No pelvic pain!


Q: Did you find the education on posture/alignment and diastais recti to aid in your recovery?

A: Yes, super helpful! In fact I didn’t even know what diastatsis was before. So, all the tips and information on it and good posture/alignment was great.


Q: Many moms complain of new mom isolation. Did you feel like staying connected to your Baby Boot Camp community was easier during the Core9 Birth Recovery Program?   

A: Yes, this is one of the reasons why I enjoyed the program. So often, we as moms have feelings of isolation during the first few months, whether it’s from hormones, adjusting to having a new little bundle of joy, or both. It was nice to be able to participate in a program that provides some connection with other moms in the same situation, as well as the rest of the community.

A: Definitely! I wish I had been more educated on the subject after having my first child 4 years ago. After my second child, I was more aware of my posture and alignment while breastfeeding. I was also mindful of it while loading and unloading the stroller from the car and carrying groceries. My recovery seemed so much easier the second time.


Q: Would you recommend the Core9 Birth Recovery Program to your pregnant friends and why?

A: I would recommend! It’s a great way to not only recover from childbirth the right way, but also a way to keep in touch with the Baby Boot Camp community. Six weeks can seem like forever when you're caring for a newborn. The Core9 program definitely made it easier to stay in touch with my Baby Boot Camp community. I liked knowing my instructor was just a phone call/text away. The weekly emails made me feel included while I waited to return to class.

A: Yes! The diastasis recti education alone was so valuable to me. That education, along with the Core9 movements, made my recovery so much easier and faster. I felt more like myself soon after giving birth, which made it possible for me to take care of my family.



By Kylan Pimley

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