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MOMLETA® Birth Recovery

9 months to delivery. 9 weeks to recovery.

Our Birth Recovery program is essential for new moms during the first nine weeks of motherhood through movement, nutrition guidance, and emotional support.

Our program initially begins at home with support from our licensed and certified Birth Recovery instructors. Over the course of our nine week program, you will be guided through over 30 essential movements, which facilitate recovery and prepare you to return to exercise slowly and safely as you begin the healing process after birth. We provide diastasis recti assessments, and focus on a complete recovery for mom and baby after pregnancy.

Wondering how to deal with the ups and downs of being a new mom and what is normal? Since recovery is both about mind and body, we also provide awareness on hormone fluctuations, baby blues vs signs of postpartum depression symptoms, how long PPD can last, a test you can take to determine the severity, where to find a new mom support group, and how and when to find professional help to get treatment. Your life will change when you have a baby, so it's good to be prepared for symptoms of postpartum depression and how to set your expectations for life as a new mom.

Are you at least 4 weeks postpartum? Learn more about our Diastasis Repair program.