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 MOMLETA provides fitness, nutrition, and community support for moms of all ages and stages.

We strive to empower women to realize their full potential through inspiring health & wellness in their communities.

  1. We prioritize family and relationships.
  2. We embrace a growth mindset.
  3. We prioritize physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  4. We support connection and growth in our communities.
  5. We care for our planet.
  6. We strive to do more with less.
  7. We seek inspiration daily and look to inspire others through our actions & words.
  8. We work together to seek positive solutions.
  9. We believe in celebrating often.
  10. We have a lot of fun along the way!

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Mary McQueen
Chief Executive Officer & Owner

McQueen has over 14 years of experience as a successful MOMLETA franchise owner. Mary comes from a family of successful entrepreneurs, bringing the experience necessary to expand our MOMLETA fitness franchise system to more moms across the country.

Mary McQueen is an ACSM-certified personal trainer living in Oakland with her husband and three children, Liam (14), Sinead (11), and Jameson (9). Mary started taking Momleta classes in early 2008. She was about 30 pounds overweight before she got pregnant with her first son, Liam, and put on 50 pounds during pregnancy. She lost all of the weight while attending Momleta classes, but, more importantly, she gained a supportive community of like-minded moms that she is still best friends with to this day.

MOMLETA truly changed Mary’s life. After she gave birth to Liam in 2007, she quit her office job, and really didn’t know what to do with herself. When the previous owner of her Momleta franchise asked her to become an instructor for her, she made a career change and jumped at the chance - she knew how important taking the classes were for her own postpartum healing, and knew she had a real success story she could share with other moms. A year later, the owner decided to sell, and Mary, again, seized the opportunity and bought her Oakland franchise in April 2009. 

Mary is excited to bring more franchise opportunities to moms just like you throughout the country! 

Mark Horler
Chief Financial Officer

Mark was a co-founder of MOMLETA and has been the company’s Chief Financial Officer since 2001. He has extensive financial and operations management experience, ranging from Fortune 50 to mid size companies and start-ups.

In addition to managing MOMLETA’s finances, Mark also provides legal and regulatory compliance support with our trademarks and our franchising program. Mark is a Chartered Management Accountant and holds a BA in Finance with a minor in Systems Design from the University of Portsmouth in the UK. 



Kate Jwaskiewicz
Support Team

Kate Jwaskiewicz,  MPH, CHHC is a certified health coach, and NASM certified fitness instructor and personal trainer. She graduated in 2015 with her Master’s in Public Health with a concentration in Employee Wellness. After the birth of her first child she attended her first MOMLETA class. Three months later, she became an instructor. In 2016, she purchased MOMLETA Syracuse, NY, where she is the owner and lead instructor.

Kate has been working with the MOMLETA HQ team as Social Media Coordinator since 2018. In this role, she manages all MOMLETA social media platforms, including our blog and bi-monthly member newsletter. Additionally, Kate works with our franchise sale and support team at MOMLETA HQ. She is passionate about sharing her experience as a franchise owner with applicants and franchise owners. Kate lives in Liverpool, NY with her husband, three daughters and son. 


Kristen Horler 

Born out of necessity, MOMLETA arrived shortly after Kristen Horler's first child in August 2001. After extensive research, she was unable to find an effective workout that didn't require hiring a personal trainer and a babysitter.

Drawing from her experience as a personal trainer and new mom, Kristen developed MOMLETA to balance the fitness needs of new moms with their desire to spend time with their baby. 

Kristen Horler has been a certified fitness professional since 1997. She is an author, presenter, and a continuing education provider for the American Council on Exercise.

Kristen is passionate about food, fitness, and inspiring wellness. She completed her Masters of Science degree in Nutrition at Northeastern University in December 2015 and believes in being a student of life. She is passionate about sharing the power of whole food plant-based nutrition and she enjoys cooking, spending time with her family, and traveling.